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Ph. by 100 places (, The Maldives, Indian Ocean.
This made me think about the global warming and our world. I'm still not sure what to think about it. The first scientist says the world ends tomorrow and that we're destroying ourselves and the next says that all of it are some bull shit and that the earth is able to adapt it selves to how we're living.
But no matter if it's the first or the second, or maybe something in between, I think we should live different. We owe it to ourselves and to the earth. And it's not even that hard, it's the small things that makes the difference. Like turn off the light when you leave the room. The hard thing is to make people do it.
It would be so sad if we actually ARE destroying ourself and the future, to be the reason that my grand(grand?)children aren't gonna live. And look at this photo. Nature is amazing, though scary.
- I know this post have absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but I think it's an important thing to talk about. And I know I have to get better at taking care of the world.
What do you think about this? Are we destroying ourselves?


Poli said...

i'm totally agree.. frankly speaking - i'm rather afraid of 2012 year (circa) - coz i strongly believe that smth is gonna to happen!!
and these islands are so amazingly beautiful!

tnx for compliment 2 my blog!) i'm alwaus happy 2 see u there)

rachel said...

I'm pretty concerned about it!
I feel that people aren't too bothered about it because it's not impacting us directly NOW
like, people know the dangers of smoking, but they aren't getting cancer as soon as they take a drag, so they don't worry so much
but people are worried about walking in front of a car because it's INSTANT
both kill, but you care about the one which affects you NOW

Kiki said...

I'm really concerned about global warming, all the evidence shows that it's actually happening. It drives me so crazy when I hear how apathetic a lot of people are about it now! I know that it isn't going to affect our generation, but it's not fair to ruin the planet for the people who come after us. I mean, if the ice caps melt just a bit more, the Maldives will probably be swallowed up!

Ha I'm sorry for such a long, ranting comment. Loving your blog!

Ava F. said...

Thanks to all of you. Really cool to get feedback!
I just saw the movie 2012, and it really scarred the hell out of me. I know it's just a movie, but what if it DOES happen? And maybe it won't happen in 2012, but maybe in the future. It's our responsibility to take care of the earth, and I think we should do it right now.

Poli said...

yep.. but maybe not only about the nature and earth, but more about ourselves. we are not developing innerly, menthally.. it's all about money andconsumerism. and it have been like this always.. we haven't changed at all!

Elizabeth said...

those islands are absolutly gorgeous. :)
yess, i do believe that we are slowly destrying oursleves, unfortuantly. i just wish people would listen, you know?


I wish ppl do the simplest things such as not using plastic grocery bags.... when i see piled up 10000 of those in their weekly shopping carts, it drives me crazy! Such denial...

thalialouise said...

Hey sweetie thanks for checkin out my blog , much appreciated :)
I agree about this whole global warming thing ever since I studied geography and found out exactly what we could be doing to the planet just by not switching things off, things as little as using a phone charger, its just scary. I believe Al Gore adressed it perfectly as did Tim Flannery in his book the Weatherman. But with all this publicity of the problem out there people still chose to ignore it so im pretty sure it wont be solved until something bad actually happens.

And by the way i LOVE your blog its got some really inspiring things I will be returning :)

Anonymous said...

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