Ph via Lisaplace. I love this girl, shes so beautiful and got fantastic style. I must say that I have no idea what shes writing as the blog is in swedish, though I love getting inspired by her amazingly skills as a photographer and fashionista. I tell ya, this girl is fierce. And dont even get me started on her wardrobe!

This week went fast. Cant believe its already sunday. Went downtown with a friend yesterday, didnt bought anything but christmas gifts to my mom, sister and cuisine. At least I dont have to worry about that anymore.
Im of for a looong walk with my dog. Need to ask mom to make some lattes and (read: buy. My mom isnt exactly the perfect chef!) some cookies for me till when I get back. This is going to be freeeeeeezing!

Btw I labeled this "Weekly Inspiration", and every week Ill make a post like this with my inspiration of the week.


lisa + cathy said...

if you want to read what she says
type 'lisaplace' in google and
on the first link 'translate this page'. it'll give you the basics of what shes talking about :)

plus, thanks for ur lovely comment on our blog! :):)
add questions? direct them to spotty_monster123@hotmail.com, or c-a-t-h-y.n@hotmail.com. TA!

little shadow said...

Mmm, the Swedes always do it so well.
I love her hurrr.
And your blog is cute, I can't wait to do some exploring <3

Erica said...

Translated the page, but I must say that I think your blog is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy(!!!!) cooler. But this is a nice girl too. And she is really beautiful.....

Rosa said...

loving these outfits!! specially the last one :)
I've never heard of the girl though... gotta check her blog out :b
Nice blog you've got by the way :)

Poli said...

n i actually didn't get in her style. don't like this type of girls and style.. yes, its stylish. but without.. something) i dunno how 2 describe properly))

Ava F. said...

Poli: Yeah I think I see where youre going. I wont say that I agree with you, but every one has there own opinion right?(: And thats what so great about fashion and style. If every one liked and wore the same kinda clothes, it would be really boring!