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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Phs by me. Found on my laptop.
These Topshop Fall 09 boots must be my favorite pair of shoes. No. My favorite pair of boots. I have to many gorgeous shoes to pick out my favorite. I spend all fall walking in them I
tell you, they do not look so good anymore. Maybe it's time
for selling them? No matter what they have to go to the
shoemaker, soon. LATER ON!


Georgina said...

I love these pictures. Great post! And if you're selling these gorgeous boots, please tell me. I would love to buy them! What's the price?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie? How's it going in NY? Can't wait to come visit you!
Give me those shoes Ava(;

NINA said...

ok, nice template, i like it better then mine, how did you do this?

btw: some posts below you posted some of my pictures, that's nice, but can you link me when you do that, cause now it looks like you took the pics! xo nina

Ava F. said...

of course i will!
and i am really bad as those template things, so sweet sweet kristian made it for me.