17 year old Hannah from Copenhagen Denmark!
Hannah send me all THREE outfits, they're all really cool. But what made me without doubt is her special glow. You rock Hannah! 
The bracelet is on it's way to DK and the Lookbook invite is just waiting for you in your mail box! Congrats beautiful, you deserve it. 
- WOOOPS! Don't think I have forgotten those of you who also was in the game. You all did an amazing jobs, fabulous outfits. You did me proud girls! 
CHIAO FELLAS! You know I love you<3

(P.S! I know I said that the winner would be reviled to morrow, but I just couldn't resist showing you know since I already had picked my winner)


raita 2 said...

she's stunning! :) i love all the outfits, and oh my the nude blazer is perfect! :)

jessica danielle. said...

I agree, great photos!

I love your blog too!


Eden said...

kudos to her! love what you're giving away. you've got a really nice site btw:)

hope you can come check out/follow mine if you'd like... be glad to follow you back!


Christina Sanders said...

Wow, I'd love to pull of a look so effortlessly! She is one cool gal.

Natalie said...

i love her beige blazer! so cute! she has nice style :)

rachel said...

she's so pretty, and I love her style!
lovely blog btw! just found it for the first time :D


love the black pants!