Ph's: Lets get some cappuccino!
Just some photos I felt over when I was surfing around Tumblr. 
As you know I'm having some problems on Blogger (I almost kept my promise about blogging at least twice per two days!), and my inspirational level is like zero. So I wanna ask you, what do you want to see more of? 
I was thinking about making a Lookbook invite code giveaway competition, but I don't know. Interested?  
UPDATE: Maybe you have seen the big sign on the left side of my blog I put on a while ago. Well, it's a link to a great inspiration blog. I'm a good friend of the blogger, she's so sweet! I recommend you go take a look, I promise you won't be disappointed! 


Anonymous said...

A LB invite sounds great! Sign me in baby. Well what did you had in mind? Like should we send you an outfit or what??????

Anonymous said...

well i already got a lb profile but i think its a good idea. im sure that theres a lot of people who want to sign in.
you could maybe show us some pictures of where you live, tell us about your family or making some of those diy pictures with a lot of stuff that you like. but you decide cause its your blog!