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morning people. oh my, its been aaageeees since ive been in here! ive been extremely busy the last couple of weeks, so i have had like no time to do this. -(late!!!!!) merry christmas and happy new year! hope you all had a great time, i know i had.
so my great friend B (okay, i dont know her in real life but we have chatted a lot the last month) has just started her own blog. i really enjoy it and i just thought i would tell you guys about it. really, go take a look! she posts the most amazing photos, and shes actually pretty talented. http://thetrashedstylewhisperer.blogspot.com/ i love the name. now im off for the sale with mom.

what do you want to see more of? my inspirationallevel = 0!


B. said...

thanks for the link sweetie!:)

The Daily Muse said...

Love the second last photo, Victor is just too amazing x

love, S said...

Beautiful blog you've got! Lovin' that shot of Rose McGowan too :)

I'd love to see more of YOU in outfits inspired by these great photos you put up :3 I'm sorry it took me so long to comment, I only just worked out how to find your blog via my follower's list!


vanity kills said...

i've just started my blog-adventure and found yoursvery inspirational.
i love your posts about streetfashion and i hope you'll have a look at mine!