oh arent you just a sweet piece of pie?

ph: look what i got last week! isnt it just the most gorgeous piece of work youve ever seen? it was actually a long sleeve denim shirt, but i cut them off. - im really happy with the result. i wear it all the time

i did it again. sorry sorry sorry! i know im such a bad blogger person. my life is so busy -whose is not?(!!!!!) from now on i will be better to post regular. I PROMISE I PROMISE I PROMISE! 
so to seal the deal ive decided to change the name of the blog, as you probably can see. the web address will (for now?) remain the same (http//:www.styleheroic.blogspot.com/), i wont risk loosing any of my dear readers! 
what do you think? like the new name? i do..


Roserin said...

Your blog is so good! You are so edgy, I love your way of writing.
Love the denim west, love the header, LOVE THE BLOG!!!!!!!:-)
You are going straight to my blog list.

Kendra said...

Oh isn't that denim shirt from Lisa Place blog?